About Grasple

Grasple is a collaborative online platform targeted at educators in Higher Education. The platform stands out by offering an open environment where teachers can find, create, and share openly licensed exercises, particularly in mathematics and statistics. Grasple encourages educators to build on each other's work.

Grasple and Schoolyear

Grasple goes beyond being a collaborative hub by also providing the facility to convert your math and statistics exercises into digital exams. With Grasple Digital Exams, you can design, facilitate, and analyse assessments while setting unique grading rules. Furthermore, through its integration with Schoolyear, the digital exams will be delivered securely. Schoolyear’s secure browser allows these exams to be taken both in exam halls and on students' personal devices (BYOD), making the examination process more flexible while maintaining security.

To learn more about this integration, continue reading in our help center or contact team@schoolyear.com.

Wim Graas
CEO Schoolyear

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