Scale digital exams by integrating students' own devices (BYOD)

Scale digital exams by integrating student-owned devices (BYOD) with your existing managed computer labs - without compromising on costs, security, or user-friendliness.

Increase exam capacity while saving cost with schoolyear
Secure Bring your own device exam

Built for educators and unmanaged devices (BYOD)

Schoolyear doesn’t require any technical setup. Instructors have the full flexibility to take exams anywhere on any device with the highest security. Starting for students is as simple as three clicks and uniform across all devices.

Increase exam capacity with Bring Your Own Device

Don't be limited to the number of seats of your own computer labs. Use Schoolyear with students' devices and turn any room at any location into a temporary exam computer lab. Easily address the large exam sizes and the growing number of exams during peak times.

Increase exam capacity with schoolyear
Cost saved with bring your own device exams

More capacity, reduce costs

Purchasing computers to grow digital exams has limitations. It's costly, requires IT staff involvement in exam operations, and is logistically challenging to decentralize computers over multiple locations. Schoolyear increases exam capacity, where needed, while reducing costs.

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Learn how TU delft implemented Schoolyear in 2 weeks and took an exam of 800 students

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"We needed a safe solution to test with 800+ students at the same time. No combination of exam room had 800+ computers available. Schoolyear allowed the safe use of students' laptops. We went live within 2 weeks, without involving the IT department."

Dennis den Ouden
Lecturer at TU Delft

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