Safe Exam Workspace

Turn any device into a Safe Exam Workspace. Administer exams at scale using any combination of LMS Quiz or assessment platform, documents and desktop application. Fully secure in managed computer labs and on students' own devices (BYOD).

Safe Exam Workspace
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Prevent cheating during digital exams

Fraud prevention in digital exams, with the introduction of Generative AI like ChatGPT and the use of student-owned devices (BYOD), is becoming increasingly challenging. That’s why Schoolyear combines preventive blocking mechanisms with an additional detection layer to achieve the highest possible level of fraud prevention -  no screen recording or monitoring needed.

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Assess skills with Desktop Applications, easy and secure

Fraud prevention for skill-based and open-book exams with desktop applications is challenging. Using locally installed applications grants students access to their files and internet within the application. Schoolyear runs any desktop application (like Excel, SPSS, Matlab, R, Python) in a fully isolated environment.

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Increase exam capacity with schoolyear

Scale examination with Bring your own Device

The availability of managed PCs will always be limited. Buying new hardware is expensive and maintenance is a resource-heavy task. Schoolyears' Safe Exam Workspace allows you to securely scale up digital exams by integrating the use of student owned device (BYOD) for exams and without investing in new hardware.

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Trusted by Educational Institutions around the globe

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Fontys University of Applied Sciences was looking for a reliable and integrated method within the testing application to prevent fraud (e.g., use of unauthorized sources) during digital knowledge assessments. We administer these tests on a student's laptop under controlled conditions at a Fontys location. The Schoolyear product works as expected, and our partnership with Schoolyear is satisfactory.

Karin Vennix
Process Manager Digital Assessments

The tooling of Schoolyear however provides our education teams a most simple efficient and effective solution to prepare and take digital exams using most common end-user client systems owned by our school or students (BYOD). The involvement of IM /IT and related costs of overhead now has been reduced until nihil. Our teachers are back in control of their digital secured exams.

Marco Huijser
Project Manager / Functional Application Designer

Wageningen University & Research sought a flexible solution for fraud prevention during exams administered on students' own laptops. Schoolyear allows us to utilize our educational spaces more flexibly and reduce the need for fixed PC rooms.

Gerard Folkerts
Product Owner Digital Assessments

We wanted to introduce safe and robust on-campus digital testing where at several moments 800+ students could be taking the same exam, however no combination of exam rooms had 800+ computers available at those moments. For us Schoolyear was the perfect and robust solution that we were looking for, as this allowed us to use the laptops of the students in regular exam rooms.

Dennis den Ouden

ROCMN has been involved in the development and testing of Schoolyear since the very first releases. At that time, we were promised a solution for securely administering digital exams on BYOD, which is user-friendly for both students and teachers. Additionally, we wanted a solution that is scalable and requires minimal effort from our technical and functional administrators. I can now say that Schoolyear has more than fulfilled these promises!

Jurriën de Jong
Information management


Manually whitelist websites, files, or desktop applications, or enjoy a fully automated flow with one of our integrations.


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