Skill assessment with Desktop Applications, easy and secure

Conduct skills assessments with real desktop applications (such as Excel, Word, SPSS, Matlab, R, Python etc), fully secure in the Safe Exam Workspace. No need for software installation or leave files on their machines.

Schoolyear exam settings

Assess, without the complex setup

With a single click, instructors can create a standalone exam or add desktop applications as advanced question type to any LMS quiz or assessment platform -- no technical configuration or IT support needed.

Prevent, cheating even on students' own devices

All applications will be launched fully isolated inside the Safe Exam Workspace, without students having to install any software. This prevents them from accessing the internet, other applications or personal files (including notes).

Secure Bring your own device exam
Secure file delivery in Safe Exam Workspace

Secure file management

All exam files, including student answers, are securely opened and submitted without leaks to personal devices. Students can switch devices anytime without data loss, and a temporary backup is created to address submission issues.

Words from our customer

Learn how TU Delft successfully implemented Schoolyear within just two weeks, enabling a simultaneous exam for 800 students.

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"We needed a safe solution to test with 800+ students at the same time. No combination of exam room had 800+ computers available. Schoolyear allowed the safe use of students' laptops. We went live within 2 weeks, without involving the IT department."

Dennis den Ouden
Lecturer at TU Delft

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