About JIJ!

Bureau ICE specializes in the development of tests and examinations with over 30 years of experience. Bureau ICE’s brand JIJ! for secondary education is known for its user friendly student monitoring system, containing method-independent tests. JIJ! offers a wide range of reliable and valid digital tests and school exams, providing valuable insights into each student's cognitive and social-emotional development. At JIJ!, we firmly believe that the purpose of testing should be a learning experience, empowering students to actively engage in their own educational and developmental journey.

About JIJ! and Schoolyear

Bureau ICE’s JIJ! and Schoolyear collaborate to create a secure and trustworthy testing environment. JIJ! provides reliable and valid tests in a user friendly platform, while Schoolyear ensures integrity and a safe exam workspace. In this way, together we ensure that teachers and students can fully focus on learning from testing.

Wim Graas
CEO Schoolyear

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