About Kwizl

Kwizl is an online platform that facilitates educational assessments and exams. It provides a simple way for educators to create and manage tests, making the examination process straightforward for both teachers and students.

About Kwizl and Schoolyear

The integration between Kwizl and Schoolyear enriches the examination experience. Kwizl’s assessment tools can now be used within the secure environment provided by Schoolyear's Secure Browser. This means teachers can easily set up and control exams using Kwizl, while students can access and complete these exams securely through Schoolyear’s platform. This partnership aims to provide more reliable and user-friendly assessment solutions for educational institutions.

Fro more information about the integration between Schoolyear and Kwizl, you can contact mail@kwizl.eu or go to kwizl.eu/contact

Wim Graas
CEO Schoolyear

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