About TestFox

TestFox simplifies the process of creating assessments with a streamlined interface and user-friendly features. Its unique approach allows for the creation of a wide range of question types, embellished with various multimedia elements. What stands out is its seamless integration with RTTI-online, providing valuable insights into student learning trajectories and enhancing the overall quality of the assessments.

TestFox and Schoolyear

When TestFox and Schoolyear collaborate, assessments become more efficient and secure. While TestFox is dedicated to offering a simplified testing construction process, Schoolyear ensures a secure environment where digital fraud is hindered. Together, they offer a modern and reliable approach to digital testing, that supports both teaching and learning processes.

To learn more about this integration, continue reading in our help center or contact team@schoolyear.com.

Wim Graas
CEO Schoolyear

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