About TestVision

TestVision is a comprehensive assessment software developed by experienced testing specialists, Teelen. It provides extensive support for every stage of the testing cycle - from development and administration, to marking, evaluation, and analysis of tests. TestVision stands out due to its diverse question forms, multimedia integration, and valuable evaluations driven by learning analytics. Designed with a focus on ease-of-use and testing appropriateness, TestVision reflects a commitment to enhancing test quality and facilitating personal development.

TestVision and Schoolyear

The integration of TestVision and Schoolyear forms a powerful synergy that streamlines the entire testing process. The partnership ensures a highly secure testing environment, allowing educators to confidently create and administer assessments within TestVision, knowing they're protected by Schoolyear's cutting-edge security measures. This collaboration not only enhances test integrity but also simplifies the testing cycle for educators, contributing to a more effective and efficient educational experience.

To learn more about this integration, continue reading in our help center or contact team@schoolyear.com.

Wim Graas
CEO Schoolyear

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