About Woots

Woots acts as a powerful catalyst for your assessments, serving as both your test library and testing platform rolled into one. Its seamless integration of planning, conducting, and analyzing your tests is designed to propel your students towards academic success. A test is more than just a measure, it’s a tool for insight, aiding students in their academic journey. Woots understands your needs, irrespective of your chosen methodology.

Woots and Schoolyear

Working together, Woots and Schoolyear streamline the digital assessment experience. Woots brings its comprehensive test library and platform to the table, while Schoolyear offers robust security mechanisms, ensuring a smooth, secure and efficient testing process. With Woots’ focus on providing insight to drive student success, and Schoolyear’s commitment to maintaining exam integrity, this partnership enhances the overall quality and effectiveness of digital assessments.

To learn more about this integration, continue reading in our help center or contact team@schoolyear.com.

Wim Graas
CEO Schoolyear

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